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In the Community

Brown-Forman’s Diversity comes in many forms… from basic corporate contributions to a variety of non-profit agencies that help make our communities a better place to live, work and raise our families. We support several organizations that provide services to the LGBT community, including Just Fund Kentucky, Kentucky Fairness and the House of Ruth. We support multi-cultural agencies, such as Kentucky Refugee Ministries and the Americana Center. We are also very supportive of agencies that serve the African-American community, such as community centers throughout the city of Louisville, the African-American Heritage Center, YMCA Black Achievers Program, NAACP and the Urban League. In addition, we have relationships that support numerous agencies to benefit children and adults with developmental disabilities, not just with financial donations, but through our employees who give of their time and talent. We are especially proud of our large employee population who serve as board members and/or through volunteer projects with many diverse agencies throughout the community.

Barrels undergoing fire treatment

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